Monday, July 22, 2013

Ghostly Dream

The other night I had another vivid dream.

I was staying in a hotel. The main floor was haunted by an evil ghost. He had the form of a man, but he was just shadow. A 3D shadow. But he couldn't go through walls or anything, so if you made it into the elevator, you were safe from him. But if he got you, he'd steal your soul.

He came after me, but I made it into the elevator before he got me.

I got to my room, and it turned out that there was another ghost there, but a good ghost. He was completely invisible, and he didn't talk, but rather I could hear his thoughts in my head. I couldn't see him, and so I asked if it would be okay if I dusted him with flour. He wasn't sure if it would hurt him or not, so I set out a bowl of flour. He dipped his hands in, and with him being invisible, all I saw was two little handprints form, and then two floured hands coming up. And he giggled! It was so cute!!!

So, with the flour not hurting him, I dusted him with flour completely so that I could see him. And with him, I wanted to go downstairs to beat the evil ghost. But he said that we wouldn't be able to, just the two of us, we had to find his friend that was in the room, and the three of us could beat the evil ghost. But he didn't know where he was. And so, because I didn't want to sprinkle flour all over the hotel room, I took a little water spritzer and was spritzing water around, to try and find the other ghost.

I didn't end up finding him though, cuz I woke up.

Interesting dream, not really sure what to make of it yet... But perhaps I'll send this to my house group pastor, he's been the one that God's been giving interpretation to for my dreams...

Also, I'm going to start a new label for dreams, because I really feel that God has been giving me really important dreams. I have a few that I've written down in my journal, but I also would like to keep them on here. So I will start posting them here.

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