Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hot Chocolate and Eggnog =)

I'm sitting here at the kitchen table sipping on some - you guessed it - hot chocolate with eggnog, so delicious =) But I haven't just been sitting here, I've been thinking... Thinking about all the stuff I should get done: fold my clean laundry, catch up on "Heroes" and "House", finish Sherrie's project, figure out what to do for the last two projects I need to get done by the end of next month (then after those, I have Florence's eight grandkids' names to stitch, another project...), and that's only stuff to do in my spare time...

I've been thinking about what I really want to do in terms of a job... I do love working in the kitchen, but I'm seriously getting very tired and frustrated with Smitty's... True, I did get things worked out with my kitchen manager about shifts, so I may stick around a bit longer to see how things go now... And right now I'm doing 15 hours a week on kettles (though the girl that was supposed to take over after my shift backed out, so I'm trying to see if I can get a few more hours...) I think that if things at Smitty's work out the way I hope (I was told I'd be working Thursday-Saturday evenings, which is great cuz Thursdays are busy wing nights and Fridays are busy dinners....), I should get at least - the very minimum - 10 hours a week, but hoping for more like 15... plus the 15 hours on kettles (maybe more?), that should be good =)

But kettles only go until December 24th, and so I'd need to either work something else out with my kitchen supervisor, or find another part-time job. I do have my name in at the daycare that runs out of my church as a casual, but I need to get the paperwork done for that... Right now up til Christmas - because of doing kettles 5 days a week - I'm really only available Fridays, which I told the director that... So I was thinking after Christmas, if I could get set hours at Smitty's - a couple day shifts and a couple evenings - then I could give a couple more days of availability at the daycare...

But speaking of Christmas, Christmas is coming up, and it's coming up FAST!!! I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing yet, but I'm pretty sure I'll be going to my aunt's for Christmas dinner - it's a family tradition =) But I need to get at least cards for my aunts/uncles/cousins/grandmother... lol... And something for my mom... She does have her wishlist up on her fridge, but her fridge is at her house, and it's not like I'm there all the time... ;) I think though that I'll stop by there on Saturday before work and take a quick peek... As for Christmas morning, I'm not sure what I'll do, if I'll spend Christmas Eve at my mom's, or if I'll go over around noon or something... I don't know, I'll work it out with her when the time comes lol... I think I'd prefer to just go over on Christmas rather than spending the night...

Christina's going home for Christmas (though I'm not exactly sure when she'll be leaving and coming back...), and Debby has decided to stay here for Christmas (she was debating whether she wanted to go home to Ontario or not), but Debby will be going to Shayani's for dinner, so I'm kinda hoping we can spend Christmas Eve (or if Christina leaves earlier, then an earlier date...) together as a house... We are planning to have a Secret Santa here with a limit of like $15-20... But I guess we'd have to get on that, picking names, so we actually have time to go shopping!!! =P

Well, I think that's about it for now... So to end this post, I have a picture! Tonight I was working on Sherrie's project at the kitchen table, and when I looked up, I saw such a beautiful sunset, the clouds were all pink and pretty!!! So I went upstairs to the bathroom (which is the only upstairs room that has a window facing west), opened the window and took the screen out to get a great shot! And since it's so hard to capture the actual colour of a sunset, I played with the colours a bit on my computer to get a better image of the beautiful colours!!! =)


  1. That picture is GORGEOUS.
    And I have the frame in my bedroom at home :D Close by where my laptop is actually. :)

  2. Not as gorgeous as you babe! =)

    P.S. all those projects needing to get done totally got put on hold... I had forgotten about agreeing to stitch those 8 names, and so now I have to still finish a project for Anna and Ernst (was supposed to be a wedding gift...), then I have 4 more projects to get done that were paid for so really needing to get done lol...