Saturday, May 26, 2012


I'm going through some stuff to put up on my walls in my new place. Some of these things are for my encouragement wall. One thing I found was a card from my mom that she had given me this past year for my birthday. On the front, it says, "For my daughter, I'm so lucky to have you in my life." Inside it says this:

Nothing could have prepared me
for the joy of seeing you come into your own.
From the beginning, you had a quiet strength
and determined spirit about you.
But seeing those qualities revealed fully
in the beautiful woman you've become
is more rewarding than I could have ever imagined.
You're everything a parent could
hope for in a daughter.
How lucky I am to call you mine.

I grew up in a home where I constantly felt like a failure. Nothing I did was ever good enough, there was always a flaw somewhere to be pointed out rather than praising whatever good I did my best to do. True, as a teenager, I wasn't the most perfect kid, I did have my moments of purposefully disobeying my mom. But I was a good kid, I never got into trouble with the law, never did drugs, was responsible when it came to going to parties, etc.

Anyways, I grew up thinking that I was never good enough for my mom. And so to get a card like this one, it means so much to me, more than words could ever express!

Thank you Mom! I know our relationship hasn't always been the greatest, but I am so glad and thankful that we've been able to work on it and get to the point where we are now. I look forward to even more healing that's to come. I love you! =)

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  1. I'm stoked that you're making yourself a wall of encouragement!
    I put one up in my dorm room EVERY year. :D
    I hope yours will always remind you that you are soso loved! <3