Tuesday, March 31, 2009

cuz i have so much other stuff to get done...

i tried writing this earlier, but somehow it disappeared before i could post it... i mean, all that i had written was deleted and i couldn't get it back! =( so i'm trying again...

this week and next are going to be VERY busy for me (and here i am writing a blog post haha...) my to-do list at home seems to be getting bigger as i finish stuff rather than smaller... though i did get my reading reflection done for class tonight (finished it sunday night, YEAH!) and i have begun my MTM stuff...

so all in all, here is my schedule for the next bit:
-25-hour fast this saturday-sunday
-bridal shower sunday
-MTM tuesday
-final paper the tuesday after

for the fast, i had a "meeting" with hannah this morning (lol) to go over everything and make sure we're on track... which i think we are actually! i just need to get on planning the car rally... but hannah gave me a really great idea (from curtis actually lol) about measuring things around the city with bananas! hahaha i love it! except we think we should have something other than bananas so that they're not tempted to eat them... =P but i will be working on all that stuff tomorrow, so i think we'll be okay...

then sunday is georgio's bridal shower, and i'm the music person, so i'm thinking i may get her music of her laptop, put it with mine, take out the soundtracks/sermons/etc. and just have it play on shuffle... gotta love itunes! =) and i also need to pick up a little notebook thing to record who gave what gift... AAAAAAND something else that i can't write here cuz it's a surprise! but i know what to do for it, i just have to sit down and do it! =P i did get her her gift today though! =D i saw it, and i right away i was like, "oh my gosh that is PERFECT!!!" it's not even close to what i did want to get her originally, but that's okay, it works! =)

what else? oh yes and then my major teaching module (MTM) for class... we are "teaching" a sunday school class in class (we are acting the role of the kids), and i'm doing the story of zaccaeus (luke 19:1-10), and i have it all planned out for the most part... coming into class, a game, story time, another game, and a craft, and of course, discussion in there too. now i just need to sit down and write my synopsis for it...

and THEN, after all that stuff is done, i am left with a week to write my final paper, which is only 6-8 pages, and i've already started researching a bit on that so i think it'll be okay... writing on "Jesus the master teacher" so it'll be cool!

and then after ALL that stuff is done, then i am DONE and i can focus more on grad stuff, OH MY GOSH!!!! =D lol i was in the elevator today at the college with brenda, and she was like, "oh it's only four more weeks til grad!" and i was like, "I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!! =D"

and then after grad, i can look forward to georgio's and nat's wedding! june 27th, oh my word!!! =D we had a dress-fitting/tea party sunday after church, and my dress is going pretty good! trish is making our bridesmaids dresses (yay trish! =D) and mine didn't need much alterations so far, it fit pretty well... of course it's just the patterns that trish had pinned together for us to check out... i'm actually pretty excited for this dress, it looks so pretty, and even just wearing the pattern on sunday, i loved it! and i'm not that much of a dress person!

speaking of being a dress person, i need to go buy something for my grad banquet... ugh... i'm thinking of getting a skirt or something though, not a dress... and a top to go with it... anyone wanna come? i'll prolly go in a couple weeks, after my final paper is done... let me know! =)

as for now, i must get back to my MTM... i have about 45 minutes before i head over to the college for supper (cheerios! =D) and class at 5:30... i MIGHT come back to the library after class, but i may just go home to bed cuz i am EXHAUSTED!!! i did get to sleep sometime before midnight last night, but was awake at 7:30, and after my lack of sleep the two nights before, that was not nearly enough sleep... anywho, until next time... =)

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