Wednesday, April 1, 2009

happy april! =D

i do want to point out that when i said that i can't get on facebook with my phone, that wasn't an april fool's joke, i really can't get on... maybe it's mts pulling a joke on me? when i try to sign in, it says "secure connection failed" and won't let me! =( i'm thinking i should take it in and ask what's up with that...

anywho, on to my actual post i wanted to write! i've been reading people's facebook statuses today, and most of them are something to the effect of, "no more snow! i want spring!" which i can understand, i'm looking forward to spring weather too... but i also love the snow! and no this is not a rant lol i'm just saying... when i was walking to my bus stop this morning, i saw the most beautiful image ever! the trees along leila were all covered in snow, the kinda wet sticky snow that piles up on all the branches, it was so beautiful! so i took a picture =)

but i am looking forward to when we can finally put our jackets away... actually i'm looking forward to puddle jumping! =D i LOVE jumping in puddles!!! lol get all soaked and muddy, then head inside for a nice cup of hot chocolate and curl up in an afghan... i love spring =)


  1. my phone does that sometimes too....I usually just have to wait about 20 minutes or so...keep trying.

  2. it's been like this since tuesday morning when i got up! =( i'm gonna go in tomorrow if it hasn't fixed itself and see what's up...