Tuesday, April 21, 2009


...was a really great day! =D I bought my dress for grad, as well as leggings to go underneath it, and a pair of jeans (size 7!!!) and a tshirt, AND as a bonus, my dress was part of a "buy 1 get 1 free" sale, so I also got myself a really nice sweater! =D And it was all done in Portage Place! But I still need to get something to go over my dress, like a shawl or something...

Anna had come with me shopping, so then when I was done (cuz she didn't shop for anything...) we went back to her place for dinner and movies! It was so fun! =) We watched Benny and Joon (I love that movie), then Wizard of Oz, and she made us fries and some kind of farmer sausage/onion/red and green bell pepper stuff, it was soooo yummo!!! =D Then we had chips and dip, i LOVE spinach dip! =D Then after the movies we sat and chatted, and had a really good conversation! It's been so long since we've really talked about stuff, and it felt really good to catch up with her =)

As an update to my previous post, I was able to find "The Bondage Breaker," Anna has a copy that she let me borrow... But I want to finish "Blue Like Jazz" before I start another book... AAAAAND I got the book in the mail that I had ordered from TWLOHA! It's called "Purpose for the Pain" by Renee Yohe, and it's basically her journal entries through her journey from addiction and pain to sobriety and hope. I'm super looking forward to reading it! I love reading stuff like that because it's personal and it's real... I haven't been a drug addict or anything, so I can't relate to it on that level, but I have been down some pretty dark roads in my own journey, so even just connecting with someone like this, it's really inspiring and it gives me a lot of hope... =)

That's really all I have to say for now... I'm gonna head home and have some supper... I'm thinking either left-overs (if there is any...) or spaghetti with butter and spice, my fave! =D

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