Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Done Done Done! =D

I am officially finished ALL my assignments!!! =D NO MORE PAPERS FOR MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! And I have no exams either! Yeah! =D Haha last night I pulled my last late-night-finishing-a-paper-for-tomorrow-morning night! I finished at 3am! But a lot of that was because it took a LOT of time just flipping through the gospels trying to find certain stories. I usually use Bible Gateway to find them fast, but without Internet at home, I can't, so I flipped through the gospel at least fifty times last night...

But I'm actually really happy with my paper! At first I was a little concerned on how I would fit so much information into only 6-8 pages (I wrote on Jesus the Master Teacher), but once I got to writing, it all just fit into place perfectly. By the time I was done, I had 6.5 pages, which is great! =) So I got to bed at 3:30, got up 7:30 feeling not too bad overall lol! But I know fatigue will kick in sometime in the early afternoon... I can already feel the tiredness coming... BUT, I can have coffee now! =)

Speaking of coffee... haha... I've reflected on my coffee drinking habits (pre-Lent, of course), and knowing that I am a caffeine addict (seriously...), I know that now that Lent is over, I will want coffee coffee coffee. But I'm gonna try to NOT do that... So far, it hasn't worked, but beginning tomorrow, I will only have coffee every other day. And this is only coffee, not tea, because I enjoy having a cup of tea and curling up with a good book in the evenings... So today I have a Timmy's, so tomorrow I will not have any coffee. I really hope to stick with this because I don't wanna fall back into drinking too much coffee, cuz withdrawal sucks...

Also, I would like to continue to eat healthy. Not to the extend of giving it all up like during Lent, but making healthier choices, like choosing to eat an apple instead of chips or chocolate when I get the munchies, or having a glass of water or milk instead of pop. It feels good to eat healthy, and there's still some really delicious things to eat that are really good for you!

Haha I love how my blog on being done assignments has turned to food... Anyways, back to being done done done! Now I get to prepare for grad, I'm so super stoked!!! =D I got an email from the college prez yesterday asking if I'd be willing to offer the grace at the grad banquet, which is a huge honour for me! That reminds me, I need to email him back to confirm...

And I have to go shopping for something to wear! It's a semi-formal banquet, but I have NOTHING to wear, cuz I don't wear "nice" clothes, all I have is jeans LOL! I'm thinking of wearing a skirt... I'm not a huge fan at all of dresses, unless I'm at a super formal thing... This is just semi-formal, so I'll look for a skirt... I do have a skirt at home, but I'd never wear it as something nice haha it was the skirt I got for Halloween this past year when I dressed up as Medusa... That was cool...

Another thing I'm trying to get done is getting those darn pictures off my computer at home onto my laptop/CD's. The problem is that the computer is so old, it doesn't recognise my memory stick, it doesn't have a CD burner, and no network cable plug-in. So what I'm doing is putting them on floppy disks, taking the discs to the college (where the computers have floppy disk drives) to transfer them to my memory stick to transfer to my laptop. It's complicated, it's tim consuming, and I've been doing this since last year, and I don't even think I'm halfway through the pics lol! But it's only been at the beginning and end of semesters that I've been able to actually work on it cuz of assignments taking priority... =P

I think that's about it for now... I do have more to blog but it's all downer stuff and I'm in a really good mood from being done so I'm not gonna get into that stuff now... So I'm gonna get back to my floppy disks haha so old school, they make me happy, I love it... =)


  1. YAY for you for being done. It's an amazing feeling eh? HIP HIP HOORAY!

  2. it IS an amazing feeling!!! =D