Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sand Bagging!

I went sand bagging yesterday morning on Scotia, what a great experience! I went right at the beginning, at about 9:45, there were only maybe 30 of us to start, but throughout the day we got more and more and more people there, eventually getting up to about 500! There were two groups, I was at Jefferson, and there was another group to the south. Dennis also came by after his dentist appointment, got there about 12:15... Then we left at 1:15 cuz my arms were so sore, both my skin and my muscles... I wasn't told to bring a long-sleeve shirt until I got to the Kildonan Park Pavilion (the meeting spot), so my arms got pretty scraped up from the plastic burlap and the wet sand... But that's aight...

I met a couple people there... I met a lady from Roseau River (sp?) who was an evacuee so she came to help out. I met another girl from Pembina and Stafford who came out to help. I met a lady that I don't know where she was from... I talked with many people whom I didn't get there names... It's interesting to see how the community all comes together to help, it was amazing! There was a guy there who had been sand bagging for 31 days straight, that's incredible...

And the river, oh my goodness! When we got there, the water on the other side of the dike was only a couple inches high and one of the workers was able to step down there to pack the sand bags, but by the time we left, the water had risen a few feet, it was crazy!

This morning, I am so incredibly sore! I woke up around 7 cuz Abby was barking (a daily routine she has developped...), and I went to roll over and couldn't move! Then I got a call from my kitchen manager at about 8, and it was torture to roll over and answer it... (no worries, I wasn't in trouble or anything lol). Then when I actually woke up at 12:45, it took me forever to actually get outta bed... Then I had to go to Kids Cafe for 4, oh man I was hurting! But it went okay at KC, once I really got moving I was fine...

I was thinking of sand bagging some more tomorrow, but I'm not sure if they need any baggers anymore... I called 311 tonight and as of now they have enough volunteers, but the lady told me I can try again in the morning because it might change. So we'll see, if I'm not too sore still tomorrow I'll head back. This time, I will wear a long-sleeve shirt.
But I have no regrets!

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