Saturday, August 22, 2009

another update whilst at the library!

So i'm at the library right now with Christina, so I thought I'd quickly update my blog while here!

Not too much else has been new... Still have mice (though I will be picking up different traps next week...), still at MFC (though this coming week is the last week!!!), still LOVING the house (and Debby's back!)

Okay, so... the house. Still love it!!! And my roomies!!! =D Debby got back safe and sound from her trip to BC, but she is heading out early tomorrow morning for her Alaskan cruise, so she'll be gone another week or so... And Shayani will soon be moving in as well, I'm QUITE excited for that!!! =D

MFC is winding down... The kids have been awesome, I'm gonna miss them so much!!! Though even as I say that, there are some kids who have been having trouble listening, and it's been really frustrating... but I will still miss them! =( Lol yesterday was our last Teen Swim, but the pool was closed (AGAIN!!!) so we had a BBQ at the centre, fun times!!! =D Lol I was supposed to barbecue the hamburgers and hot dogs, but one of the kids (he's 12) kinda took over LOL! He flipped them and everything, all I did was move them to make the diamond grill marks... And he was so proud, it was awesome!!! Lol this is the same kid that we teased for being manly cuz he was able to carry three bags of ice at Teen Swim (oh so long ago when we actually were able to have Teen Swim... thanks a lot rain!) So now he barbecued, and therefore even more of a man, and he was really proud of it, and I was proud of him!

Anyways, we gotta go cuz we still need to stop at IGA for juice (it's on sale!), get home, have supper, and be back at Calvary Temple for 7:30 for the Building 429 concert, I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!! =D until next time! =)

P.S. I will be getting internet at home soon so I will be able to update on a regular basis =)

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