Monday, August 10, 2009

Another Mouse in my House! =S

Wow I haven't updated in a while, I apologise to my readers!

Anyways, I have now been in my house for over a week, and I am completely loving it!!! =D I LOVE my roommate Christina, she is sooooo awesome!!! We've been spending most evenings together, either chatting, or watching movies or prison break lol... Saturday afternoon we dressed up and went out shopping, it was so fun and we both looked good! ;) but we were both also dying from wearing heels lol...

I bought some movies from walmart, from the $5 bin: Spiderman, Robin Hood Men in Tights, Little Nemo (does anyone remember that one??? The part with the tar always scared the crap outta me as a kid...), aaaaand something else I can't remember right now... Then we bought some stuff from Bulk Barn, then headed home, stopping by her church to pick up some stuff for her art project... Then we headed down to catch the 17 to go to my place, but missed it so we went into Safeway to see the Venus Flytraps they have, THEY ARE SO COOL!!!!!!!! =D then we went to Video 1001 across the street and I picked up Rent and Chicago for $7 each, awesome! =D

She ended up not coming with me to my place, which was okay...

Oh yeah, before I forget! I dyed my hair red again! =D it looks great!!! And I was going to shoppers by my place to get black hair dye for streaks, which also look very cool, Christina helped me put them in! =)

Awww I love Christina so much =) and i'm so glad God has sent me to that house, cuz even Christina said herself said that she wouldn't know what to do with herself after what she's gone through this past week... It's amazing how God's timing works! =)

Oh yes, and we have mice in our house... =( we got some mouse poison, mixed it with peanut butter, and set it out, and we were pretty sure that the mouse was dead, but after being untouched for a few days, the peanut butter disappeard sometime between Saturday night and Sunday night... =S so we're thinking it was the momma mouse that ate it first, then when she didn't bring her baby food, it came to find some and ended up finding the poison, so we think it's dead too...

Other than the mouse, the house is so perfect!!! =D i'm quite excited for Debby to get home, she should be arriving sometime next week! Only for a couple days til she leaves again on an Alaskan cruise, so cool! =) she'll be back for September though, and Shayani will be moved in too for September, so i'm quite excited to see what God has planned for the four of us!!! =D

As for MFC, things are going well! I'm pretty sad that with this week there's only two weeks left of kids club, and only a week left after that! =( but the kids have been amazing for the most part, i'm really gonna miss them! =( as well as seeing the staff everyday, they're so awesome!

And i'm still working at Smitty's, Sundays @ 3, Mondays @ 5, Thursdays @ 4... And i'm heading there now actually so I will perhaps blog some more later... Ciao! =)

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