Monday, July 27, 2009

5 More Days! =D

So, five more days til i'm officially moved! =D man, a month ago I thought this would never come, but it went by really fast! Everything is packed except for one more box of last minute stuff, my room is painted, I have the keys and the alarm code, all is set! =D

I am soooooo super excited to be finally MOVING!!!! =D lol I was telling the kids club kids about it today at lunch, and one of them was like, :aren't you scared?" and I was like "no actually i'm really excited!" and she was like "but... You'd be by yourself... Aren't you scared?" and really, i'm not at all! When I think about being outta my mom's house, living with three other people, two of which I only met when shayani and I went to look at the house, I cannot WAIT!!! =D

I know that this is what is right, this is where God is leading me, there is no doubt in my mind! Things just came together all too easily for it to have been all a coincidence... And so why should I be scared? With things the way they are between my mom and I, i'm okay with not living with her, and I AM 21 so it's about time to leave the nest anyways... I've been ready for moving out for a long time now, but couldn't afford it... I had to wait on God's perfect timing, and I truly believe it is time. =)

As for kids club, things are going great! =D last week was really tough, the kids just wouldn't listen and wouldn't cooperate with us, but Flo had a one-on-one chat with the ones causing problems, so today they we're fine. We actually had a lot of fun today! =D we travelled to the Caribbean, we played this super cool way of getting the facts in the morning (we go over facts of where we travel to on Mondays for the game shows we play on Fridays), and in the afternoon we made drums, the kids loved it! The staff loved it too, it was really fun! =) AND buffy came to visit and help out too, it was great to see her! =D

So now i'm off to work at Smitty's... I just got a call back from my mom, tomorrow when I get home from MFC we're gonna start moving my stuff over and she can (finally) get a look at the house! Aaaahhhhhhh i'm so excited!!!!! =D =D =D

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