Monday, July 13, 2009

What Does It Matter?

I was at Timmy's this morning getting a bagel (already had my coffee I made at home), and while waiting for my bagel, this guys comes and orders a small coffee and a brown bun. He had a Tim Card, and the cashier asked him to swipe it, and he went on this huge rant! He said that he already paid for it, so why should he gave to swipe it? She should be the one to swipe it! And the poor girl is like, "okay, okay!" and he just kept going on and on about it! But I had no idea what was going on, I didn't know what he was ranting about until he came over to get his coffee, and he starts ranting at ME about it! He's saying that the manager is just trying to get rid of employees and whatever else, I don't even know what he was saying...

So I respectfully told him (cuz I was still waiting for my bagel) that I don't see what the difference is, whether he swipes it or the cashier swipes it. The balance of his card will be the same, he still gets his food, nobody loses their job, and by making a fuss like that it only took longer for him to get his food. And then my bagel came so I told him that I hope he has a good day, and I left. So I don't know if anything else happened after I left, but I really hope this guy takes to heart what I said... And no I wasn't rude in the way I said it, but really, what does it matter who swipes the card?

It's things like that that really kinda gets to me... (time for my own rant LOL!) I mean, it's just so trivial! By fussing over the simplest thing, you don't just bring yourself down, but you bring others down too! The cashier looked ready to cry, other people in line looked surprised at what happened, and even I was a bit annoyed... Honestly though as I left I had to laugh, but it's troubling to see people who are so focused on such insignificant things that they completely miss out on the bigger things!

Anyways, i'm almost at MFC so I gotta go...


  1. That's such a sad thing to complain about. And the sadder part, and perhaps the part that would annoy me most about the situation, is that it probably had the girl on edge for the entire day after that.

  2. She prolly was... But she did hear what I had said to him, and I gave her a smile before I left, she smiled back so hopefully that made her feel better... Haha I still laugh about that guy, my goodness......