Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's Getting Close!

Moving day, T minus 13 days!!! =D

Things are getting DONE!!! This weekend I finished packing, except for one more box cuz I had forgotten a bunch of movies and some sandals... And I completely finished spackling and sanding, and I have removed all the lightswitch and plug things, so next weekend i'm ready to paint! =D I LOVE painting, so i'm QUITE excited to get 'er done! =D

So, this week, I have TONS to do! I need to pick up my key from Naomi's parents (Naomi was a house guest for a month), I need to get a hold of Christina to go through the alarm system and stuff AND find a date I can bring my mom down to see the house, I need to call the co-op office to get paint, (side note, I need to call the college about VA letters...), I need to call Granny and thank her for her old couch but let her know that I don't need it and ask her what she wants done with it... And that's on top of my shifts at MFC and Smitty's! plus I SUPER need to clean this house, I haven't done a single thing except dishes and garbage take-out since i've been here, and it really needs to be done...

So, this is gonna be a BUSY week!!! BUT it will all be worth it! I am so super duper excited to move!!!! =D =D =D

Oh yeah, I am also looking for people who would be willing to help me move! =D I officially move in august 1st, and I realise that's the long weekend, but i'm sure I can start moving stuff a couple days before... My mom was thinking Wednesday, cuz that's what works for her... But anybody with a vehicle, preferably a large vehicle such as a van or a pick-up truck, that would like to come help me move, that would be super AWESOME!!! Let me know! =D

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