Monday, September 14, 2009

Eleven Days!

As if it's been over three weeks since my last update... yeesh, sorry to my faithful readers! I will be getting internet on the 22nd, so I do promise to update more often!

Wow, lots of stuff to update on too, lots has been going on, and yet really not much haha... We did get rid of all the mice in our house... I had found one dead in a trap in the pantry a couple weeks ago, and since then we haven't seen any... Although last night Christina told me she found some droppings, but we're not sure if they're fresh or not... but no sightings of actual mice yet, so we're hoping they're old!

I've been getting along really well with my roomies, awww I love them so much =) It's been interesting seeing the relationships grow... between me and the other girls, and even between the other girls... We're learning a lot about each other, sharing our stories, figuring out how to live together as a community... I'm loving it so far! Of course there are times when one of them will get on my nerves (not one specifially, just someone in general...), but it happens, I still love them =)

MFC has been over for a few weeks to now, aww I miss those kids... =( So now I'm still working at Smitty's, and also doing in-Sunday child care at CFOT. Yesterday was my first day, it went fairly well... It's challenging though, there are some kids who just couldn't settle down and listen, they were running around screaming pretty much the whole time lol... A couple of them didn't even come into the classroom, they stayed out in the big room and did their own thing, which was okay cuz they weren't causing any trouble... It's also challenging with the age differences... The youngest is under 2, and the oldest (that was in the classroom) is like 10? lol I don't even know ages, I'm just guessing... But overall it went well, there were no major incidents, nobody got hurt, and I had enough lesson material stuff planned to take up the whole time, it was awesome! =) There's another in-Sunday this coming Sunday, it's the welcome weekend, so I've been prepping a bit for that...

My birthday is also coming up, 11 more days to be exact! Hence the title of this entry haha... I am having a party, it's gonna be right on my birthday (the 25th) at Players Bar and Grill, gonna go play some pool, have a couple drinks, hang out with my friends, and just have a good time! I'm super looking forward to it!!!! You (yes you!) are totally invited to come too! If you are in Winnipeg on that day you are welcome to come! I did make a Facebook event thing, but had to be really quick in sending the invites out, so I may have missed a person or too... So if you didn't get an invite, THIS IS YOUR INVITE!!!!! =D

Hmmm what else? Not too much actually... Well I'm sure there's more but I can't think of anything off the top of my head lol it'll have to wait until my next update I suppose... =P Adios amigos!

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