Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Taking Some Time...

Well, we officially have internet at my house, but my router is not working so I'm not able to have internet on my laptop quite yet, boo! =( Shayani was gracious enough to allow the MTS guys to set up the internet on her laptop, since Debby's computer wouldn't have worked cuz it's an older one... so we've been sharing Shayani's computer... thank you my friend!

Right now actually I'm at the Brenton's babysitting the kiddies... got to sleep in til 8 this morning, woo! =) Last time I was here they were both up at 7, and it was go go go all day til Kim (the mom) got home... Well actually I kinda took a break about 2, the girls were upstairs playing in the living room and I sat in the kitchen where I could still keep an eye on them but could sit down and relax for a little bit... Today I was hoping to take them to the park or something, but it's so chilly out today! If I can find their jackets and stuff then maybe I'll still take them out for a bit, but not too long... It's supposed to be sunny and 13 today, but right now the wind is pretty chilly, so we'll just have to see...

I'm actually really excited for autumn! =) Autumn is my favourite season, I love the colours, the smells, and when it's warm enough for a sweater but chilly enough to make your cheeks rosy... =) Lol I read my friends' Facebook statuses when they complain how summer's over and it's getting cold, but I'm loving it! True it kinda sucks on days like today when I wanna take the kids to the park, but I truly love the weather =)

Hmmm let's see, what else to update on? Oh, my birthday! The party was SOOOOO fun!!!!! =D all except for the creepy drunk guys LOL! There was the Australian guy who was so drunk that he asked me four times if it was my birthday and, "if it wasn't too intrusive," how old I was... Seriously, FOUR TIMES he asked me the exact same thing! Ugh... Then there was that other creepy guy who wanted me to play doubles at pool with him and his buddies, with him of course as my partner... And I really didn't want to, there was just something about him that creeped me out... Then there was that other guy that Betty ended up chatting with... Chatting being the understatement of the night LOL!!! He first just started hanging around the booth where I was with the Smitty's crew, then I went over to the other booth where Kristy and her friends were, and he kept following me, creeper... Then Kristy's friend bought a round of shooters (china whites, pretty good actually!), and when I was over by the Smitty's crew booth I said I was going to have a shot, and the creeper guy was like, "oh how about 4 more? ;)" and I was like, "....no. *walked away*" hahaha it was really funny looking back at it now... But Dennis was right there and looked out for me, he said he'd protect me lol... yay! I really was fine, I felt no danger, just creepiness, which I can handle... Plus with a bunch of my friends there, I was doing well =)

Oh my gosh so then afterwards when Betty was shooting pool by herself (practicing I suppose lol) the creeper guy went over to chat with her, and she was totally flirting with him, it was sooooo funny hahaha I laughed so hard!!! But it was getting close to closing time, so I called a cab, which never came!!! Ugh! Lol when I called, they were like, "yeah, there's already one on its way..." and I was like, "No, I need another one" cuz the first one was Debbie's... But it never came! Then Dennis called his cab, and it came, so we (Dennis, Betty, and I) all just piled in this cab, and went home. Betty stayed at my place for the night, which was really cool cuz when we got there Shayani was still awake so we showed Betty the house and then we chatted for a while, it was really cool =)

So now I'm 22 haha... Doesn't feel much different than being 21... Oh yeah! Then Sunday night I stopped at my mom's before work for a few minutes, and she had gotten me a laundry hamper, which is totally awesome cuz I needed a new one... =) And also $50 for shopping, but I'm only allowed to use the money if I'm with either her or Granny, so she took the cheque back to hold on to so I don't use it on anything else... Isn't that nice? She doesn't trust me... Ugh... Anyways, after work, I stopped by to pick up my hamper, and Granny was there and my mom had a DQ cake, which was really cool! That's always been a tradition in my house, she buys me a DQ cake every year for my birthday and Granny will come over and we'll have cake! =)

But since then (well really, since Sunday morning), I've been going going going non stop... Sunday morning I slept in and was late for church (but Debbie came to my rescue and picked me up and even had Timmy's!), then did Jr Church with 12 kids, then headed to Mom's, then work, then cake, then had to rush home cuz I went to Kristen's for the night cuz I babysat Josh all day yesterday... Lucky for me though he's the easiest kid to babysit EVER! He usually spends his day playing video games and sometimes watches TV... So I at least got to have a day of relaxation, which was nice =) Then from Kristen's I stopped at home for 5 minutes to pick up some stuff I had forgotten the night before, then off to work, then straight to the Brenton's for the night, and this morning I'm watching the girls! Kim does have a dentist appointment after work, but she said she might reschedule it, she's gonna call me about that...

So after I'm done here I get to go home, I'm so excited!!! I haven't really hung out with my roomies since Friday night, and I miss them a lot! I woke up this morning to find an email from Christina, just a short note to tell me she misses me and wants me to come home soon LOL it pretty much made my day =)

Well, it's 9:30, PL is finally up and asking for breakfast, so I'm gonna head upstairs and feed us all... Until next time my friends! =)

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