Sunday, April 11, 2010

This past week has been long, even though it was only a 4-day week... Then getting sick on Friday didn't help... I feel like I'm falling back into a slump... I feel things I've never felt before, and I can't even say here what it is... I know what it is, but I'm almost too afraid to admit, though I don't even know why... I'm afraid of what people would think, I'm afraid of what I would think if I even admitted it to myself...

Anyways, I really don't feel like blogging today, but I figured I'd post my menu for this week, since I didn't last week:

Sunday - leftover Tuna Helper
Monday - Chef / Spaghetti
Tuesday - Soup / Eat @ work
Wednesday - Chef / Mini pizzas
Thursday - Alphaghetti / Sidekicks
Friday - Chef / Dinner @ Weston
Saturday - Not sure yet... Gotta go grocery shopping ;)

Have a great week!

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