Monday, May 3, 2010

Lots to Update!

Wow, I haven't updated this blog for a long while! Got lots to update y'all about!

First thing's first, I GOT MY APARTMENT!!!!!!! =D I went to check it out with my mom, we both really liked it! North-facing window so I won't get the hot sun come summer, PLUS there's air conditioning, woohoo! It's a high-rise, so there's an elevator, and I'm on the 5th floor. It's totally walking distance to the Forks (it's actually just over the Provencher bridge...), so that's super exciting! So I definitely applied for it the next morning, and it turned out that I was the only applicant! I got a phone call that same day saying I got the apartment, it was so awesome!!!!! =D So I move in June 1st, yay!!!

Next! I've been doing a LOT of stitching these past couple weeks, I have 4 projects to get done that I had auctioned at our Partners in Mission dinner, plus I'm trying to get a project done for my friend's wedding on the 15th... So the wedding one has been the one worked on this past weekend, considering the wedding's only two weeks away so it's really gotta get done lol!

Speaking of this past weekend, I went to Women's Camp at Camp Arnes, it was soooo fun!!! Our theme was "Unfolding Grace", and our guest speaker was Nancy Turley. She's a cool woman, easy to listen to =) but 2/3 of our sessions were in the Wigwam, which has the most uncomfortable wooden chairs EVER!!! So it was hard to sit still... Though I must say, I wasn't really that changed, I wasn't really receptive to God's message to me... I've been pretty distant from Him lately, relationship-wise... But what did get to me was our "cardboard testimonies". We watched a video in our Saturday morning session of people who had cardboard signs, on one side was written where they were in their lives, and on the other side was written where they were now. So we did something like that in our Sunday session, but with placemats, cuz we had no cardboard signs lol... So mine was "broken" and "healed in Jesus". I could've put something else, but I did not want to share it with all the other women there cuz I didn't know most of them... But I had talked to Debi about it after we watched the video, and told her what I would put if I was truly honest, and so she knew what I meant by "broken". It was a really good time over all though, there ended up only being 4 of us who made these "cardboard testimonies", but it was good for us to share that.

I totally have more to update about, but I am on my break at the daycare, and I must finish my lunch... Have I written about the daycare yet here? I got full-time hours, working in the baby room, woohoo!!! =D Laters!!!

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