Thursday, May 27, 2010

This Is The Last Night...

So tonight is the last night I will be staying in this house as a tenant. Tomorrow night I'll be staying at my mom's so we can pack up her car with my boxes from her place (dishes and whatnot...) and head out in the morning, then Saturday night I'll be in my new place. I have so many mixed emotions about this! I mean, I'm super excited to be getting my own place, but these girls I've lived with for the past 10 months (or 1 month with Carolyn lol) have become family, and I will miss them greatly!!!

I know I'm always welcome for a sleep-over, but it's just not the same as living here, ya know? I mean, I can't spent EVERY night over here... It makes me sad knowing that this room I'm in now won't be my room anymore. I'm excited that it will be Carolyn's room, but I'll miss it. Looking at the walls, they're so bare, and even Debby was like, "Where's Stacey's room???" cuz my walls have been covered with pictures and stuff.

It's been weird to have had bare walls this past week... The only things I don't have packed right now is last-minute stuff like deodorant, shower stuff, toiletries, facial tissues, and my oil air freshener stuff. And the stuff I forgot to pack haha my hangers, my house coat, my Snuggie-type blanket, and my pink feathers hanging on my light cord. Oh yeah and my cross hanging on my doorknob, but that one was more intentional...

I went to chat with Carolyn tonight after my shower, cuz I was on the edge of tears and I didn't wanna cry alone... So she prayed for me, and we chatted about different things lol we definitely got really sidetracked, but it was good cuz I felt better =) So now I'm back in my room and ready to head to bed, I just needed to get some of my thoughts written. Gonna head to bed and hopefully have a good last sleep here... Bah, that sounds so morbid...


  1. I know what you mean about how hard it is to live with people, then suddenly not!
    You get used to their little quirks!
    I ALWAYS used to wake up to Kailey going down the hall, singing in the morning.
    And so often, I would go and have a 2am talk with Kirsten or Laura.
    And now...I don't.
    And the sad part is, by the time I get used to not being at the College, I'll be going back. haha

  2. haha true dat... i do miss the late night chats with them, but i don't miss the messy kitchen that always seemed to be there when i'd get home from work lol =P