Monday, May 10, 2010

Overcoming Anxieties

I've been meaning to post about this for a while now, but I keep forgetting! I've been working on overcoming some of my fears/anxieties, notably snakes and feet.

I've always thought snakes were cool, but I'd never actually touch one. Oh that's not true, I held a giant python (I think?) one time at daycare, it was so heavy that I held the tail end and one of the daycare staff held the head end, and we were both still like, "too heavy!" Anyways, other than that, I'd only ever touched a garder snake, and only with my sleeves covering my skin. But now that my friend Brandy has a ball python, I've been starting to get over my anxiety of actually touching a snake. It took a few visits, at first I would just pet him with my finger, then I held him but with my sleeves covering my skin, then I poked my hands out but wouldn't let him touch my arms, then I let him crawl around my arms, and now I'm totally cool with him! I even let him go around the back of my neck! He's actually a really cool snake, we're totally BFFs haha! =)

As for feet, I've hated feet for a long time, I'm not really sure what sparked that... But I would hate touching feet, hated people touching my feet, hated being touched by feet, and hated my feet touching anything (except for like socks/slippers/shoes/etc...). But with Brandy (haha seems to be a pattern starting here with her... =P), I've been overcoming that too! She loves feet, and I let her give me a quick foot massage a few weeks ago, but I was still really tense about it... But I'm at the point now where even last night I gave her a foot massage and I was pretty cool with it. But that foot massage was more about the fact that it was Mothers Day, and even though she's not MY mother, her son is only 14.5 months old and not old enough to really do anything for her, AND it's always great to get a foot massage =) Perhaps another day I'll let her (or someone else, doesn't have to be her haha) give me a longer foot massage, and I'll try to just enjoy it rather than being tense about it...

Anyways, another thing I wanna tackle is my fear of spiders. I HATE spiders even to the point where I'm almost screaming when I find the tiniest spider! I'm even cringing right now as I think about spiders, I hate them so much! But that will come in time =) Right now I need to get back to work on a cross-stitch project! It's supposed to be done as a gift for my friend's wedding this coming Saturday, but there is no way I'll be able to get it done by then... But it still doesn't hurt to work on it when I can, since I'll have to get packing one of these days! =) Adios amigos! Stay tuned for a fave troll possibly coming later on tonight, and my apple crisp recipe in the next couple days! =)

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