Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hangin' At Bran's

So I'm hanging out at Brandy's tonight with Trapper and Ghislaine... Surprisingly Logan isn't here (the infamous Brangan has been separated hehe) but he's sick so that's not cool... =(

We enjoyed a delicious dinner tonight, thanks to Brandy and Ghislaine! =) Caesar salad, yellow beans, and curry chicken, oh my gosh yummo! =D it was just a bag salad, but the dressing was really good, not too garlic-y... And beans are one of my fave veggies, so that was great! And curry chicken..... mmmmmmmm curry........ and chicken.......... =)

I'm not really sure what to update about haha... I just wanted to come post something...

Oh! So today I got a bunch of stuff done! I went to the bank and got my address changed, went to Wagner (sp?) to look into getting some valid photo ID, and got some apartment insurance (since my mom's been bugging me to haha), went to MTS and got my address changed there, stopped at Mom's to get a UPS slip so I can go pick up my package on Tuesday, went back home and did a load of laundry (washed, dried, folded, and put away, chyeah!), got a visit from Mom and Granny, then got a ride up to Brandy's, where I am now, woop!

Haha so I have the greatest grandmother in the world! While she and my Mom were over, I had told them I had a box of stuff to go to the thrift store, and so they went through it, and I had my black dress from my high school grad in there because it's too small to fit now... My grandma liked it so she tried it on over her clothes, and it would fit her very well without the extra clothes underneath, so she took it home. And it looked very nice on her! =D She tried saying it was too young-looking for her, but Mom and I convinced her it looked great, so she took it. Yay! =D

Alright, well I'm gonna get back to hanging out with Bran, Trapper and Ghislaine, and have a few drinks with them. Until next time! =)

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