Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So.... Haven't updated in a while, so I figured I'd post something now, but I only have 20 minutes so I'll have to keep it quick...

First thing's first! I've been trying to work through something pretty personal, so I'm not gonna share what it is (yet?)... But I have recently confided in a good friend, and as it turns out, she's gone through it too! Hazzah! So that was a bit easier for me, talking to someone who knows what I'm talking about... Not that my issue is resolved - far from it - but at least I was able to tell someone who isn't actually involved in it, and that makes me feel better. =)

Work is going well, still working with the 2-yr-olds, still loving it! =D There are moments where I doubt myself and when I wonder why the heck I'm doing this, but then there are those moments where you see the fruits of your labour and you know exactly why you do it and it makes it all worthwhile! For example! My newest girl likes to grab a toy, throw it in one direction, then wander off in the other direction. When I catch this happening, I'll go guide her to the toy she threw and help her pick it up and put it away where it belongs. I haven't really seen any impact it's had on her, but last week her mom came in and asked about how we get her to clean up her toys, and so I told her. Turns out, this child had made a big mess with her toys at home, but then cleaned them up all on her own. I was so excited!!! =D She's been doing better with activities too, when she first started she didn't really want anything to do with them, but she's been showing more and more interest and spending more time doing the activities, and her mom is so excited about that! And it makes me excited too seeing her progress like that! =D

Another of my little boys is at the stage where he mimics EVERYTHING he sees me do! LOL it's so cute watching him now, cuz he'll even just do stuff that I would do without me even doing it first! For example, today one of the baby's shoes fell off, and so he went and picked it up, brought it back to the baby, and said, "We need to keep our shoes on Mister Mister!" I nearly lost it, it was so darn cute!!! =D He's very independent too, he wants to do everything himself! Which is totally fine with me, cuz he needs to learn to do things anyways... Ahhhh I love my kids!!!!! =)

Also, these past two weeks I've been house- and dog-sitting at the Butler's with Sandra. SOOOO fun! Oh my goodness we've watched so many movies, hung out a ton, went shopping, went to the Manitoba Children's Museum with the kids of one of the other daycare staff (we were babysitting), went to the zoo, and had so much fun! Oh goodness, we have so many insiders now, it's awesome! I'm gonna miss that.... =(

PS I have a new theme song for myself! "I'm Awesome" by Spose. Okay, not for real, but I heard it last night at pool and I claimed it as my own haha.

But I must go, gotta get back to work...

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