Saturday, September 8, 2012

Finger of God

I'm watching the movie "Finger of God," and it begins by showing a quote from Bono that says, "Religion is what you have left when the Spirit leaves the building."

It sparked a thought in me about part of what I've been going through this weekend... I'm realising that the religion that I've been brought up in, that's always been a part of my Christian walk, is starting to be separated from me. I've never liked religion, I've always said that it's a bunch of man-made rules, mostly based on Scripture, but some are like moral rules... And yet because I've been a part of the Salvation Army Weston pretty much my whole life, I've grown up within that religion.

And I'm realising that God is starting to bring me out of that, and bringing me more and more into His Kingdom.

Separation is always tough. It hurts. And I'm starting to see that that's why I've been struggling and trying to run from God this weekend.

Of course this isn't to say that I'm needing to leave the church. I believe that church fellowship is still very important to Christians. I believe that with the Scotts here at Weston, there's gonna be a radical change. And Jesus is prepping me for that.

Jesus, I need to trust you in this...

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  1. I said it on Twitter this morning, and I'mma say it again...