Sunday, December 29, 2013

Luke 2:8-18

I'm always amazed with the story of the shepherds... They were the outcasts of society, the ones nobody wanted to be around cuz they stunk like sheep. And yet they were the first to hear the news of the birth of Messiah. They were the only ones we know of that got to hear the choir of angels.

Can wet just stop right there? There was an entire sky full of angels there, singing! "Glory to God in the highest heaven! And on earth peace to those in whom his favor rests!" Picture that amazing sight! Imagine that amazing sound! And the shepherds were the only ones who got to witness it!

And so, not only did the shepherds just hear about the birth, they were the first to be invited to go see Jesus.

It's interesting how Jesus' entire ministry was like that - always going to those whom nobody wanted to be around: the tax-collectors, the lepers, the prostitutes...


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