Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Have a Little Faith" by Mitch Albom

This was an interesting book! I had trouble discerning whether it was real or not, especially since there were pictures of two of the characters at the end of the book... It was a novel about Mitch, and his rabbi asks him to do his eulogy, but Mitch had moved away from his home town (I think it was a 2-hour train ride?) and only came back once a year (his family still lived there). And so, because of this request, he began visiting more often so he could get to know his rabbi as a person. They journey together through 8 years, and in the process Mitch encounters a pastor in his own city and journeys with him too. He had lost his faith, and through the process of journeying with both his rabbi (referred to as "the Reb) and the pastor in his city (named Henry), he finds it again. A very good read, I HIGHLY recommend it!!!

Interesting story: I was reading this book on the bus home from work this one night. It was late, and there were these other guys on the bus who were highly intoxicated. One of them came up to me and asked me what I was reading, and so I showed him the book covered and told him the title and a bit of what it was about. He then says to me, "No way, people actually read that kind of stuff?" And I was like, ".....yes lol I am..." And he's like, "No, you must be faking..." And I kinda laughed and said, "No sir, this book is actually really interesting, a very good read, maybe you'd like to read it sometime! =)" And he got this funny look on his face, then kinda just laughed it off and went to sit down... I don't know what this guy's story is, but I'm hoping and praying that maybe God touched his heart that night and sparked something... Hmmm......

Anyways, I must edit my 2010 book list, then I'm off to bed! Again, a very good read, if anyone wants to borrow it, I can lend it out! =)


  1. Dear Stacey:

    So glad you discovered Mitch's book! I work for the publisher and just wanted to clear something up for you. This time around Mitch didn't write fiction--this one is a true story, a nonfiction book about two very real men who helped him understand faith.

  2. Oh that is awesome, thanks for filling me in!!! =)