Sunday, February 7, 2010

Here We Go...

Oh my goodness, another week gone by without a blog post... For shame Stacey... =P Well, this past week has been busy, but I was able to take Monday off... Though it should really count since I only took it off cuz I had such a bad head cold that I was getting dizzy spells and could barely even make it to the washroom..... =S Getting better though, still have a bit of sinus and nose thing going on, but as long as I have plenty of facial tissues I'm doing good! =)

So, this week's dinner schedule! Here ya go:

Monday: Leftover pizza
Tuesday: Leftover pancakes (extra batter from Sunday morning I need to cook up!)
Wednesday: Pizza Pops
Thursday: Leftover Sidekick noodles
Friday: Eat @ work
Saturday: I'm thinking rice, with peas and lemon juice! =)
Sunday: Lasagna

"How's your New Year's resolutions Stacey?" Fantastically horrible, thanks for asking LOL! Oh my goodness I have been failing at pretty much every single one, still... =P Though I have been eating a little bit healthier, and passing up on candy/energy drinks at times, but still giving in... BUT I have cut back a LOT, so that's a start, I'm not superly disappointed =) I also haven't been on the Wii too much since getting it (well, Debby bought the Wii, and I'm borrowing my mom's Wii Fit). I got it last Sunday, I did go on it that night, missed Monday cuz I was sick, went on Tuesday and Wednesday, but that was about it... I was gonna go on tonight, but Debby's on it, but we're gonna play some Wii Sports together once she's done her 30 minutes on Wii Fit =) So that's that!

As for spiritual disciplines, I have completely not kept up with daily devotions... And for these past two weeks I haven't tithed, BUT I have good reason LOL! Last Sunday I was at CFOT so I couldn't tithe to my church... And this week I am completely broke and had no money to take out of the bank to give... Please don't get me wrong, I am not intending to just give up on that! Next week is payday for both jobs, and the very first thing I'm taking money out for is my tithes for 3 weeks! Yes, I still intend to give my tithes for the weeks I've missed... Though I've been thinking about it, and I only get paid every two weeks, so I may just give my tithes every two weeks, making sure that that money is the first bit that comes out!

I unno... But I'm gonna head upstairs now and play some Wii Sports with Debby! =) Then perhaps make some cookies!!! Gotta get started for Kayla's cookie thing she's got goin on, woop! =)

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