Saturday, March 20, 2010

Food Planzzz

This has to be quick tonight cuz I'm tired and wanna get to bed to get a good night's sleep to be fully functional tomorrow morning doing childcare at CFOT's in-Sunday. PS I was trying to make a long run-on sentence lol... Here we go!

Sunday - Rice with peas and lemon juice, yum! =)
Monday - Spaghetti and home-made sauce and apple crisp for dessert (my pastors are coming for dinner!)
Tuesday - Eat @ work
Wednesday - Mini Pizzas (out of Pizza Pops, bought these instead! =D)
Thursday - Eat @ work
Friday - Lipton Sidekick noodles
Saturday - Eat @ work

I've come to realise that I eat very little meat... I should work on that... Or at least get more protein in my diet......

PS I'm at 2/13 for Timmy's RUTR!

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