Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Week in a Glance

This has been quite the busy week for me this past week! Worked lots, and the nights I wasn't working I was out with friends! =) Not quite true... Monday night I was home... But Tuesday and Thursday I ended up working 6-12 and 6-1 respectively because one of our cooks went to jail for stabbing someone. Great hey? I wasn't happy about the reason I got to work those shifts, but was thankful for the hours nonetheless! With those two shifts plus the one I worked tonight (5-9), plus having 4 extra hours at the daycare this week because of one of the staff being off, brings my total hours worked this week to 45. 45!!!! =D

Wednesday was pool night @ Tavern United Pembina, it was fun! =) I was VERY excited about them having potato nachoes, since Boston Pizza doesn't have them anymore... Except TU's aren't spicy potatoes like BP's, but that was fine =) I didn't play too bad, I had 7, 3, 7, 10, for a 27, which is a bit better than my average, so that was good! AND I found something out from one of my team members as we were getting ready to leave, which completely made my night! Though I can't share it here, sorry... ;)

Friday night after work at the daycare, I headed over to Sasha's for her birthday party, it was so fun!!! =D Her mom made hamburgers for dinner, DELICIOUS!!!!! =D Everyone was saying that they're even better than Hambo's (?), but I've never been there so I can't really say... But they were so yummy, I had two!!! She had also made - with the help of her friend Michelle - this big cake shaped like a castle, completely with a "secret garden" in the courtyard, a slain dragon in the front (courtesy of Darren lol), vines all over the place, turrets with flags, and of course, Disney princesses placed around the castle walls! It was AMAZING!!!!! Zach brought Apples to Apples, and we played two rounds, so fun!!! And we played "I've never" with pop, with so many insiders made!!! Everyone's favourite: Dale: "I've never... given... myself... a face... wash....?" Me: ", with snow?" Jason: "'I'm gonna give you a face wash!' 'Not if I get myself first!!!'" ROFL priceless!!!!!

After the fun and games at the house, we went to Lazer Jungle in Stonewall! Oh my gosh, my first time EVER going laser tagging, SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!! =D Why was I not introduced to this earlier?!?!?!?!? Seriously! And why do we not go play every night?!?!? The first game we played everyone for themselves, and I didn't do too bad once I got the hang of it and used to the concept of needing to hide LOL! The second game we played teams, and I did much better haha... And we got slushies afterwards too, included in the price of the two games!!! =D

I think that's about it to blog about this week... On to my meal plan! =)

Sunday - Tuna Helper leftovers
Monday - Spaghetti and home-made sauce
Tuesday - Eat @ work
Wednesday - Leftover waffles
Thursday - Sidekicks with any unused veggies from making spaghetti sauce
Friday - Eat @ work
Saturday - Eat @ work

These may get rearranged, I might be having dinner guests this week, and I'm planning on making spaghetti and home-made sauce for that... So whatever night that ends up being, that will end up being the spaghetti night and I'll switch with Monday... If it end up not being Monday LOL!

PS I have updated my book list, check it out! =D

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