Monday, March 1, 2010

Update/Meal Plan

'sup y'all!!! =P Okay, so it's been a week AGAIN since my last update, but it's been a busy week! Actually I'm only even updating now because there is a quote from the book I'm currently reading - "The Furious Longing of God" by Brennan Manning (check out my 2010 book list!). I'm reading the part about praying to our Father, and this is what he writes at the end:

"Is your own personal prayer life characerised by the simplicity, childlike candor, boundless trust, and easy familiarity of a little one crawling up in Daddy's lap? An assured knowing that the daddy doesn't care if the child falls asleep, starts plaing with toys, or even starts chatting with little friends, because the daddy knows the child has essentially chosen to be with him for that moment? Is that the spirit of your interior prayer life?"

Because the daddy knows the child has essentially chosen to be WITH him for that moment. Wow... That part really kind hit me hard... Like, I can picture this happening with a daddy and a little toddler. I see that even happening with the little ones I work with at the daycare. When I'm sitting down on the carpet and playing with them, often there is one (or two!) who will come sit in my lap but play with other toys with the other kids. And I still feel special because that child has chosen to be with me. WITH me. Can you imagine how God would feel in that position? With His child coming to sit in his lap just to be WITH Him? How special God would feel? Makes you think, eh? =)

Anyways, on to the "update" portion of this post lol... This past week has been pretty busy! Though it is really about this weekend that I wanna blog about... SOOOOO fun, oh my goodness!!! =D Saturday I was in the greatest mood all day! Even while at work, I was just so happy, it was great! Then after work I headed over to Brandy's for her house warming party. Fantastic time! Oh gosh, there were.....*thinks*.....11 (?) people all together that came by, and we pretty much just hung out, ate food (all provided by the lovely Brandy!), drank, listened to music, took some AWESOME pics (that I am excited to be getting from Brandy's cam on Wednesday to post to FB!), and formed a bunch of inside jokes LOL! Honey and onions, callerpitters, strainers, just to name a few! Ahhhh good times! And then everyone left except me, Brandy, and Trapper... The two of us crashed the night there cuz Brandy lured us to stay with the offering of breakfast in the morning! So I totally got to share a bed with Brandy... ;) haha but funny story, as soon as we actually stopped talking, she was asleep in like 10 seconds, if even...

Then, as promised, we had pancakes and bacon for breakfast, it was delicious!!! =D and my day was totally made completely because I got to hang out with Brandy ALLLLLLLL DAY!!! =D seriously lol we watched Labyrinth (good movie, I even have song lyrics stuck in my head as I write this lol... "you remind me of the babe... the babe with the power... the power of voodoo...) then we did some origami while watching the hockey game, then we went to her mom's for dinner (excellent dinner too, oven roasted veggies and roast beef, with biscuits! =D), then we went to see avatar with Dennis. Good movie!!!! And I totally wore the 3D glasses all the way home!

So yeah! That's about it for an update lol... On to the meal plans!

Sunday - @ Brandy's mom's
Monday - @ Trish's
Tuesday - Veggie lasagna
Wednesday - Pizza Pops
Thursday - Leftover lasagna
Friday - @ work
Saturday - @ work

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