Saturday, January 23, 2010

Book List 2010

I was gonna write an entry to vent my frustrations of late, but I've changed my mind... As I opened Blogger to make a post, I saw my friend Alison's post about her book list for 2010 on the side, and it reminded me that I wanted to make a list too!!! So here goes... As I read them I will italicise them, and when I'm finished them I will cross them out! =)

PS, these are all books that I have that I haven't read yet...

1) www:wake by Robert J. Sawyer
2) Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom
3) Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
4) Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
5) The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne
6) Redemption by Karen Kingsbury
7) Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson
8) Pure by Rebecca St. James
9) The Return of the Prodigal Son by Henri Nouwen
10) Forgotten God by Francis Chan
11) The Love Revolution by Joyce Meyer
12) The Furious Longing of God by Brennan Manning
13) The Twenty-Piece Shuffle by Greg Paul
14) Total Abandon by Gary Witherall
15) Hope Again by Charles Swindoll
16) If I Stay by Gayle Forman
17) Purpose for the Pain by Renee Yohe

That last one, Purpose for the Pain, I started reading it when I first got it last year, but I was at a point where I really could not read it, some of it was hitting pretty close, and I could not continue reading it... But please, check out that link, it's a Youtube video of Renee herself explaining the book. While you're at it, check out To Write Love On Her Arm's website! TWLOHA started around Renee, so check out her story, and also what TWLOHA continues to do today!!!


  1. Awesome book list!! I love Karen Kingsbury' books...and I see you've got some classics on there!

  2. I haven't read any Karen Kingsbury yet, but Jessica is REALLY into them, so I'm gonna check this one out! And I DO have a ton of classics that I've found at second-hand books stores for super cheap, but I've never gotten around to reading them! Yet! ;)

    I was going to order it, but when I went, it said that they were out of stock and ordering more or something.
    Can I read it when you're done? Sometime down the line. I don't want to read it right now because kinda like you mentioned, some of it is bound to hit super close.
    Also, you have INSPIRED me to make my own book list on my journal. :D

  4. Hooray!!! =) I love seeing book lists!

    Yes, you can TOTALLY borrow it! Just let me know when! ;)