Monday, January 11, 2010

Here's Another!

I forgot to mention yesterday exercising as part of my resolutions... haha... mainly forgot to cuz I definitely haven't been doing it... Although I've been walking a little more... getting off the bus a stop early, walking instead of accepting offers of being driven... It's not much, but it IS a start, and I feel good about it =)

As well, yesterday I had toyed with the idea of meal planning... I did sit down yesterday and make this week's schedule, here it is:

Breakfast - Kashi cereal
Lunch - Clam chowder, apple, granola bar (ended up not eating the chowder though cuz I was full after the apple and bar lol...)
Dinner - Eat at work (though I ended up not working so I made shredded hashbrowns, bacon, and scrambled eggs at home)

Breakfast - Life
Lunch - Apple, yogurt with granola
Dinner - Stir-fry (red yellow green peppers, red onion, mushrooms, broccoli)

Breakfast - Kashi cereal
Lunch - Grapes, granola bar
Dinner - not sure yet... it's pool night so I'd either eat at The Mix (where we're at this week) or make something to bring with me, I'm thinking Chef Boyardee =)

Breakfast - Cheerios
Lunch - Banana, yogurt with granola
Dinner - Eat at work

Breakfast - Life
Lunch - Grapes, yogurt with granola
Dinner - Left-over stir-fry

Breakfast - Waffles and bacon
Lunch - Granola bar, banana
Dinner - Eat at work

Tuesday-Sunday lunches will be light because I don't work until 1:30, and therefore will sleep in, therefore not needing a big lunch like on Mondays, when I work 8-5 split shift... Of course, I realise that I get hungry in the evening, like around 8 or 9, so I bought healthy snacks! Breton crackers (actually, the no-name brand...), nuts, not to mention all the fruits/veggies/granola bars/yogurt I have now, goodness!!! Today went well, I stuck to my planner, it feels good! =) Now the only problem is that I have a lot of Smarties kickin around LOL! I bought a package of them for pool nights, and then got a big tin of the little boxes for Christmas... So I'm trying to resist eating them all up at once, but pacing myself... Yes, I'm still gonna eat them, I'm not just gonna get rid of them LOL! But moderation is definitely key!!!

That's all for now I suppose! =)

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  1. Good for you!!! It makes life SO much easier to have a menu plan, and then you don't over-eat as well. Well, at least most of the time. ;)