Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Dreams

Wow, this could be a tough one... It could go two ways I suppose: either what I dream while I sleep at night, or what I dream of for the future.

Well, my night dreams are usually pretty weird, never make sense and could never actually happen in reality. It's when I get those very real dreams when I wonder if they're dreams at all... This one time a few years ago I had a dream about a boy that came to visit me at work when I still worked at Sal's. He sat at the counter and I gave him a bowl of soup cuz he looked hungry. I stood there in the kitchen thinking, "What's his name?" and immediately I heard "Arminio." Then I asked, "How old is he?" and again, I heard "16." I asked, "Where is he from?" and I heard, "Sudan." Then I woke up, and I was kinda freaked out cuz it was the first dream I'd had that was more like a vision.

There was another time I dreamed I was with Georgio and we were being held hostage with a bunch of other people on a school bus by these very black-skinned guys who were taking us somewhere and trying to get us to renounce our belief in Christ. And I kept countering everything they said with Scripture and my own beliefs, and I don't remember much of what was said, but I remember standing up and saying, "I'M GOING TO HEAVEN!!!" which really ticked the guy off and so he started hitting his gun on the metal poles that were there, and it broke. And I was thinking, "Well, at least now he can't shoot us... But what if he has a knife or something?" The whole time I wasn't afraid, I remember that... Then we got to our destination, which was a gravel road in the middle of nowhere, and it's actually kinda hard to explain without drawing it out... but there was the road we were on, a road that went perpendicular to our road, then another road that went parallel to ours just a little ways down. What the men did with all the people was they got us to line up, and they shot people in the head one at a time, then lied them on the ground beside the road next to each other. And I didn't feel any fear until I got to the line, but I remember praying for these people, praying that God would touch these men and get them to just punch them instead of shooting them. Then it was my turn, and I was shot right in the forehead. And I woke up cuz I heard my mom in the shower. But when I fell back to sleep, I was still in the same dream, I was lying on the ground still alive, and all these people gathered around me with black eyes to say that God had answered my prayer and they were all punched instead of shot. I was soooo glad! Then I died. I died in my dream. It was weird! Makes me wonder.....

So, as for my dreams of the future... I dream of one day being a youth pastor, being there for kids to come to and talk about their problems. I've been through so many issues of my own - parents fighting and separating, death of a parent, not have a biological dad around, suicidal thoughts, relationships, sexuality, etc... - and I want to be able to help the next generation of youth. Cuz it's hard having to tough it out without help! And that's not to say that I'd have all the answer, cuz I don't, nobody really does! But I want to be there for kids, to walk along beside them in their journey, to help them figure out their own stuff.

I also dream of having a family one day. I dream of getting married in my church, possibly with Karen and Al doing the service, of my mom walking me down the aisle, of "Green Apples" by Chantal Kreviazuk being the first-dance song, of my mom making a speech and probably bawling her eyes out lol... I'm not sure if that's how it'll all turn out when that day comes, but I can always dream... =)

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