Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Short Update!

Wow, life sure has been busy lately! Work is going well, life in general is going well, and I'm enjoying it! =)

My mom's birthday was two days ago, and I threw her a surprise party at my place. Well, sorta... She knew she was coming over and I would make her dinner, but what she didn't know was that there were other people here to celebrate too! But it almost turned out bad! The plan was she would come over for about 2pm, and we'd all hang out and play cards, and I'd make dinner. Everything was going so well leading up to the day, the food was all bought and prepped and everything, plans were all set... Then my mom called me at like 1:15 and says, "So, I'm sitting at the St James clinic..." and I'm thinking, oh no she's sick and not coming... =( and she goes on to say, "I dropped a full tub of honey on my baby toe and I think I broke it..." and I'm thinking, oh no she's not gonna get here til like 5 and she'll be in a cast... =S

As it turns out, doctor says her toe is probably just badly bruised, and even if it was broken, they wouldn't be able to do anything for it anyways because it's her baby toe... So she ended up getting to my place at about 3:30, and it all worked out anyways. So happy birthday Mommy, I love you!!! =)

In other news!!! I met a new friend! =) Her name is Alisha, and I met her online actually! We've been chatting a lot in these past few days on Skype, and last night we got together and met in person. We met up at Riverside Inn and played a few games a pool (I totally kicked her butt haha... =P), then we headed back to my place and watched Finding Nemo and Phantom of the Opera, 'twas good times! =) She's coming to To Change A Life on Friday at Southlands with me, so that's pretty cool, and we're getting together on Saturday too, woohoo! =)

So I think that's about all for now... I gotta jump in the shower and head to bed soon, I've had too many late nights lately... =P Until next time! =)

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