Monday, November 7, 2011

Christ Is Coming Back!

I had a dream last night about the book of Revelation. You know, the last book of the Bible that describes what it will be like when Christ returns? Yeah, that one. But it doesn't really come across that way in my dream, but stick with me and I'll explain.

I dreamed that I was ready to die, but not wanting to do it myself. I was lying in bed (wasn't my actual bed, but in my dream it was) and outside of my window I could see two building-type things that were about to let out a whole bunch of poisonous gas. I lied in my bed, knowing that this was it, this was the end of the world, and I was willing to just die. I watched as the building things let out this grayish green gas, and I just lied there, waiting to die.

Then I'm not really sure what happened between this and the next part (funny how dreams work like that, eh?), but all of a sudden those buildings were gone, as was the gas. I was fine. And this dark blue gift bag tied to a Mylar balloon came floating through the wall to me. Inside the bag was a note from Jesus saying, "Life is worth living." And I was filled with such hope and determination! It was amazing!!!

I know it sounds odd, but in my dream, this was the beginning of the Revelation. No, it wasn't the Rapture such as in the Left Behind series, it was Christ showing His love and giving hope to His creation.

After this point, everyone I talked to (still dreaming) I told them about Christ coming back soon, and I needed to know if they knew Christ as their Saviour. If they didn't, (such as a friend of mine from work), I told them about sin and what Jesus did to save us from that, and would beg them to accept Jesus into their hearts, cuz He was coming very, very soon.

I also figured in my dream, I was wondering what would come next after Christ shows His love and gave hope, and I thought, "Oh it's the judgments coming next... Will I be able to survive them?" Of course, these judgments are found in Revelation 6-16 (the seven seals, the seven trumpets, and the seven bowls).

That was about it... I woke up crying, so full of gratitude for Jesus' love for us, for ME! I've been wondering about this dream all day, wondering if this is, in fact, sent from God, or if it was just like any other dream that I have. I have had visions in my dreams, and I can tell the difference between visions and dreams because my visions are so real , like they could actually happen in real life. This dream was like a regular dream, it couldn't happen in real life as I had dreamt it. But the fact that it was so emotional, both in the dream and after waking up, I wonder..... What do you guys think?

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  1. Wow! I don't know if it's a vision or a dream, but the message is still important regardless: get out there and make sure you tell everyone about Jesus b/c whether he comes in 2 years or 2,000 years ppl. need to be ready for whenever life on this earth ends!!