Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Real Update?!?!?!?

Howdy folks! How's about for a real blog post? =D

Well it is official, I am now living in my own apartment, yay!!!!! =D I moved in the last weekend in May, and to be honest I'm still a long ways from being unpacked and settled in LOL! But I'm not too worried about it, it'll all get done eventually... =P

I don't really wanna make this long, even though I'm sure there's lots to write... I do wanna touch on my New Year's resolutions... So far, eating regularly has been still going. Though I haven't been making menu plans, I've still been eating breakfast/lunch/dinner, and no late-night snacking on junk foods! =) Even as I write this, I'm sitting down to eat breakfast for dinner: poached eggs, turkey bacon, garlic onion hashbrowns, and rye toast with apple jelly, yummo! =D

Exercise has been non-existent, unless you count chasing after 2-year-olds for 40 hours a week... ;P

Tithing has been going well though! I've only missed one paycheque, and that was because that was when my first rent cheque in my new apartment was coming out, and I had to make sure the money was in the bank so the cheque didn't bounce! And then of course there was pretty much nothing left once that was done...

Hmmm, what else to blog about? Work's been great, except this past week... There's been some drama issues getting a bit out of hand, but I think most of it got resolved today... Hopefully... ;)

My summer planning got done too, handed it in last week, got it back today from my supervisor, and there's just a couple things I need to go over tonight and get it back in tomorrow to be finalised and typed up and ready to go! It's been interesting planning for my 2-year-olds... Still a few things to learn, but my supervisor told me I pretty much had it down pat, yay! =) Now it's just a matter of making sure that I'm prepped the week before so I'm not rushing around trying to get things together the day of... Which I'm really bad for lol...

Well, I think that's all for tonight... Might post another fave troll later, if I see one worthy of posting =P

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