Sunday, October 10, 2010

Days 26-28

To be honest, these past few days have been quite a blur.  I don't really remember what I had for dinner on Friday, I think I only had a couple bites of fruit... Last night I had Thanksgiving dinner at Alisha's mom's, and tonight I had Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's.  I ate more than I should have both nights, and probably had more pumpkin pie and whipped cream than I should have...  It's been a stressful time though, with Alisha going through a lot of issues right now, and I don't really wanna go into it here in order to give her a bit of privacy... But as of right now she is in a 24-care facility through the mobile crisis unit, and she needs a lot of prayer.  Her mom and I as well could use some prayer as her support system...

Anyways, starting tomorrow I'm hoping to get back into the groove of eating properly and healthily.  Sorry, no pictures today.

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