Sunday, January 2, 2011

God in a Child

I saw God this morning at church =)  As obvious as that may seem...  I don't doubt that God is there all the time, but this morning I SAW Him.  I saw Him in a child, a toddler actually.

Curtis had preached on Isaiah 37, how Hezekiah needed to listen to and trust God rather than be intimidated by the Assyrian king who was coming to attack Jerusalem.  After the sermon we sang "All to Jesus," and the invitation was there to come to the mercy seat (basically like a prayer bench, for those who are not familiar with Salvation Army terms) to surrender our everything to Jesus.  A lady I know well - I won't say her name for her own privacy - came and knelt to pray.  I don't know what brought her to the front, I don't know what issue was on her mind.  But for this story, that's not the point.

Seeing as how we were singing a song, I was there just behind the mercy seat with my microphone, Zach was at the drums with his nephew William, who just turned a year old last month.  I guess Zach had put him down, cuz he walked over to the mercy seat where this lady was kneeling.  Her hands were down flat on the mercy seat.

He went right up to her, put his hands down in front of hers, and stood there for a bit with her.

I nearly cried.

You may say that as a one-year-old, he was just going over and imitating what she was doing.  Maybe so.  But maybe not.

I saw God today, in this child, there, reaching out, being with this lady who was there to pray, to talk to God directly.

God was there.  I saw Him. =)


  1. BEAUTIFUL story and image!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Interesting! I always imagined that God works through children in such interesting ways. I remember, back in 2007, my sister wasn't even one yet, and it was the day of my baptism.

    The family is invited up to the front to lay hands on the baptismal candidate and no one coaxed my sister into it, but while in my mothers arms she stuck her hand out and touched my head as well. It was very moving! :)