Sunday, May 29, 2011

Family Social Night

Last night was Weston's Family Social Night, intended to raise money to help fund our summer camps. It was a great night! Not a super great turn out, but there was enough to raise $547, woohoo! =D

There was a jail, complete with jailers who went around arresting people with some pretty good charges - Alisha got arrested for not dancing lol! It cost $2 to bail someone out, and unfortunately I had no cash to bail out Alisha, but luckily Dave lent me a couple bucks and told me to go get her out lol. Thanks Dave! =D

There were also some silent auction prizes, and I ended up winning two! The first consisted of 8 passes for Laser Jungle (2 free passes, and 6 two-for-one passes), and some "Fuze beads" or something... Pretty much just Perler Beads. Anyone remember those? Those little beads you put on pegboards and then iron them... I use to have so many! I gave them to Drake, cuz he had said to me earlier that he really wanted them.

The second prize was pretty cool! a $10 gift card for Rona, which I can use to buy paint! I want to paint a couple walls in my place, white is so boring... Also included in the prize was a set of little journals put out by DaySpring (it's a Christian card company), meant to be used for sermon notes, prayers and praises, bible study, and reflections. Pretty cool! There was also "The Serenity Prayer" by Trevor Hudson, a little book that pretty much dissects the prayer and teaches us how we can transform our lives. Lastly, there was "The Names of God" by George W. Knight, which studies the over 250 names of God, covering names of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Cool!

So all in all, I spent $40 on those prizes, but that money is definitely going to a worthy cause! Thank you to all of you who helped plan, organise, set up, run, and clean up. It was a great night, I had a lot of fun! =)

Oh yeah, and before I finish, remember my neighbour that had some trouble last week? She came to my door again yesterday to thank me for helping her, and handed me a card in an envelope. I told her it was no problem, that's what neighbours are for right? So I thanked her for the card, and she went back home. But when I opened the card, I found $40 in it! It didn't feel right to keep it, cuz I was just doing what I was raised to do when someone needed help, but I didn't want to have to go back to her and refuse her gift, cuz I didn't want to be rude... So I put it in the offering plate this morning, so that money too can be used for a good cause =)

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  1. I love that you spent $40 at the family social night and then your neighbour gave you $40 for your kind actions. Sometimes God's cool like that, eh?