Thursday, June 25, 2009

Got Me Hair Trimmed! =)

Okay that's really not what this post is about LOL but I DID just get it trimmed and it feels good! =)

Anyways, just wanna update y'all on what's happening with my move! I talked to Cindy about moving into their place while they're on holidays for July, and she said it'd be totally fine if I moved all my stuff there for just the month... They wouldn't charge me anything, but it'd be up to me to take care of the garden and lawn. But what I think I may do, cuz I still have lots to pack and clean and fix at my mom's, is I'll stay at the Butler's Sunday-Thursday, cuz it is easier to get to MFC from their place, then on weekends I'll head to my mom's to keep packing and stuff... And I talked to my mom about that, and she's okay with it. =) so yay!

AND I think I'm heading there tomorrow night? Cuz Cindy has left on holidays early to see her dad, so Curtis is there and Beth and Farley are visiting, so it'd be a bit weird I guess for them LOL so I will stay there this weekend prolly... We'll see... I'd love to head there tonight but I will be working late tonight... Which reminds me, I should actually call Curtis and let him know that...

So I will call Curtis as soon as I post this, and then get back to work! =) please continue to pray over my mom and I...

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