Tuesday, June 16, 2009

MFC! =)

So, it's been two days that I've been at MFC, and I am LOVING it!!! =D. So far it's just been all planning stuff, Dayna, Flo and I have been going through all the little details and getting all the different things planned for the summer kids club, it's been interesting! =) busy, but cool!

I'm looking forward to putting all these plans into action, to meet the kids, to have even more fun! I picture it being a bit like camp, a bit like kids cafe, and a lot of new experiences... I'm excited! =D

It's a little stressing though, because now my days are all taken up with the job, and i'm starting to stress about getting wedding stuff done, and then moving stuff done, and balancing shifts at Smitty's... Oi!!! It'll be good though, I know that God is working in me and is getting things done through me, and I know everything will be done when it needs to get done... So i'm still learning to trust God and lean on him for strength =)

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