Wednesday, June 10, 2009


One of my latest fave songs has a line in it that says, "forget the fear it's just a crutch that tries to hold you down and turn your dreams to dust, all you need to do it just TRUST!" and they begin to rock out... Good song actually, "unbreakable" by Fireflight.

Anyways, I wanted to update my blog today in a way that really focuses on trust in God, cuz I've learned to do that and everything is falling into place! =)

When I gave word that I was moving into this house, I really had no idea how I would be able to afford it working only part time at Smitty's... Albeit I have been working more hours lately, it hasn't been full time. But I could feel God telling me to not worry about finances, He will provide. The plan was to move in for September, but things at home have not been so great and I prayed about it, and I am now moving in August 1st.

And a few weeks ago, before even giving word about the house, I had applied at MFC as a kids club assistant, 30 hours a week, $9.25/hour, absolutely set on getting it, was interviewed, was super excited about it, but never got the call to start on the following Monday (when it was originally supposed to begin...) and when I figured that I didn't get it I was a little worried about whether I could afford my room in the house, but God really pushed me to still go for it, trust Him.

Then the other day, I get a call from Jurkuc at MFC, telling me that he was sorry it took so long, they were waiting on government grants to run their programs and pay the staff, and if I was still interested in the job I could come down and fill out all the paperwork. So I went down there today and filled it all out, and I start Monday! =D

I've realised that because I chose to trust God about the house, and I do believe He was testing me by holding out on the MFC position until now, He is really putting everything into place for me right now! It's such a great feeling! Just trusting and waiting on Him without freaking out that I may not be able to afford this... There were times I asked God how this could happen, but I never doubted Him, and now look at what He's doing for me! thank you Jesus... =)

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