Saturday, June 25, 2011

Calling All Prayer Warriors!!!

I met some AWESOME people tonight during soup van, and lot of people are in need of prayer! And so I am calling YOU to pray too! I cannot name them because there's rules around that, but I can let you know what to pray about!

A lady needing forgiveness
A lady needing strength
A lady needing to kick her alcoholism
A man who has accepted Christ as his Saviour, HALLELUJAH!!!
Two AWESOME dudes who pretty much travel around on their bikes and witness to people! They are the ones who led the man to Christ tonight!
A lady who believe in the Lord and struggles with addictions

I am SO pumped right now from tonight! I had the honour of praying for the first two ladies, and was a part of the prayer for the third lady. I was serenaded by God through the two dudes and their guitar and harmonicas, and even danced around with them, absolutely amazing those two! I was able to bless the lady who believes in the Lord with a new hat, it's amazing how something so simple as that can make someone's day!

Man, God is so incredibly cool!!!!! =D

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  1. This sounds absolutely awesome, Stacey!
    What a cool, rewarding way to spend an evening. :)