Monday, May 25, 2009

And Another Great Day! =)

Today was about the greatest day all weekend! =) first of all, because I actually got to enjoy the beautiful sunny 22 degree weather! =D

Okay wait, I'll start at the beginning of my day lol! Weston was great this morning! =D Curtis spoke on the Spirit being like the wind, it was good, God really spoke to me through Curtis... I've been putting off talking to my mom about the house because i'm afraid of getting into an argument with her... I'm scared she might be more against it than I am for it (we can both be really stubborn...) and will keep pushing her point til I give in... But what have I to fear? God has promised that He will provide! And I truly believe that God is sending me to this house, and if that's the case, then He will provide a way for me to get there! I just have to take the steps He lays out for me to follow... And talking with my mom is the next step...

Back on topic here... Lol Berni brought me like 1.5 dozen cookies from her work, half-baked like I requested! =D they were what I asked for for babysitting her son a couple weeks ago... =D so I shared =)

Then at the end of the service, Karen was up with the worship team to help since the cadets were away, and during our "hootenany" (as Rob calls it lol) we did Blessed Be Your Name, which is our fave rock-out song! Aaahhhhh it was so great to do it with Karen again! =D

I went to the Hoeft's after church to celebrate Al's birthday, we had a bbq =) and I was outside ALL DAY enjoying the sunshine! =) with a hat on and drinking water of course! It was HOT out, the UV must've been really high! I think I might've even burned my arms a bit, but I can't tell why exactly they're red, cuz I was scratching them... I guess we'll see in the morning! =)

Then I went to Booth Centre (with a bunch of other Weston worship team peeps), we were there to help Karen lead worship. It was really cool! And at the end I got to sing with Karen AGAIN! =D (I had been sitting in the pew with Georgio, who was doing the Easy Worship) we did Blessed AGAIN, and Days of Elijah! I was so super thrilled! =D

I have been there for a Sunday night service before, but what really hit me tonight was how amazing the attendees are! I mean, many of them are homeless, and addicts, and there they were worshipping God! And we had a time of prayer requests, and there were many that wanted prayer for OTHERS! They were bringing other people in their lives, lifting their names before God and praying for them! I felt so ashamed... How often do I just pray for myself? And yet here were the cast-offs of society, lifting OTHERS up in prayer.

And it hit me: this is the church! These homeless addicts (now i'm not generalising the congregation, or assuming the worst of people, but this is how it was...) were the greatest examples I've seen! Call me crazy, but I wish I was more like them in my prayer time... Father please help me grow closer to You through prayer time with You...

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