Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lunch Today!

I got to have two lunches today! Well actually the first was like breakfast cuz I hadn't eaten anything yet up til then... I ate with LA, it was really good =) we went to Timmy's, she ordered food and I just had an apple (I did bring lasagna but didn't have time to eat it there lol) we had some really good conversation! We talked about how things are going between me and Dennis, and about the house, and about life in general. I love talking with LA, she makes me feel so good about myself! =) not that other people don't lol but LA in particular today made me feel really good about decisions I've made =) lol I almost cried...

Anyways, after lunch at Timmy's, we went to Shoppers Drug Mart, then she had to get to class. When I was standing at the bus stop waiting for my bus to go home, I had the opportunity for ministry, it was cool! Now I don't want to boast or anything here, this is just what happened... There was a man there asking people for spare change. I didn't have any to give him, but I watched as people passed him by... It was interesting to see how people reacted to him... Some shook their heads and shrugged their shoulders saying sorry they didn't have any, some just ignored him, one that was walking towards me I heard mutter under his breath that he should get a job (on a side note, I get really annoyed with people's ignorance... It's not that easy to just get a job when you live on the streets...), but a couple people dropped some change in his cup.

Then I heard the Spirit speak to me, that little voice in my head telling me to go sit with him... Of course, my first reaction was, "you want me to do WHAT???" but it pushed me, "go sit with him, offer him your cookies..." so I went over, I didn't sit but I crouched and asked him if he was hungry and if he wanted my cookies. He said yes and took them and was really thankful. Then I asked when he last had a meal. He said he ate this morning but only a little bit, so I offered to get him something. Oh man, if you could only have seen the way his eyes lit up... He jumped up and smiled and asked if he could have Burger King, so we went to BK.

We chatted a bit, he asked about my hat (I was wearing my S.A. cap) and we talked about the Booth Centre. I bought him what he wanted, and also a bottle of water for him to take with him. He was so grateful, I almost cried... I got myself some onion rings, and we ate together and chatted some more. Then we parted ways.

Overall, my afternoon was really great =)

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