Thursday, May 14, 2009

What A Great Day Today! =)

I really had a great day! =) this morning I cleaned the bathroom at my house, thus finishing my cleaning list for the week, woo!

Then I was able to work on some crossword puzzles from the newspaper from a few days ago. I love doing the newspaper crosswords, I'm starting to get good at them, knowing more and more answers! Yeah, I'm such a nerd, but I'm okay with that LOL!

Then I headed over to Weston to talk to the Butlers about the rest of the youth group nights before we break for summer. They ended up being in a meeting or something, I think cadet evaluations... So I fired off an email with details, I'm quite excited! Next week we're having a football night at the Butlers', I talked to Cindy afterwards and they're good with that. We're having a BBQ/campfire too, which'll be great! =)

Then on the 29th we're going to the opening night of Up, I'm pretty excited about that, it looks cool! Tickets are like $9.50, so I'm gonna clear it with the Butlers if we can use some of the money raised with the April calendars to cover a part of that, then everyone can buy their own snacks.

June 4th we're going to U-Puttz, then possibly to Pizza Hut afterwards as a kind of end-of-youth-group-for-the-summer party lol... I'm not sure what admission to U-Puttz is, but I'm thinking that everyone can pay their own, then use some April calendar money for the pizza. Then hopefully there'll still be some left to save for the fall.

Then on June 16th we're going to the Booth Centre to serve a meal, to return thanks to the Centre for lending us their van in December when we went on our youth group retreat. We were supposed to sweep their parking lot, but that wasn't working out at all so Al decided it'd be better to serve a meal, and I agreed, so I'm pretty excited about that! =)

So that's it for youth group! After getting that all planned out today, I went to KC, and had tons of fun! =D we played ultimate frisbee but with hockey nets, and it was super fun! Then afterwards while the kids were playing gym games, I had a really good chat with Melissa and Debi about a couple different things happening in my life, it was really good to share it and be okay with sharing with them =)

Then at youth group, I realised as I was setting up my wii that I forgot my nunchuks and my games, but luckily Horace had brought a couple of his Game Cube games and controllers and his memory card, so it worked out =) it was just me, Horace, and Jason there tonight, but it was cool nonetheless.

Then instead of having to bus home, Horace's older brother drove me and Jason home, THANKS JAN!!! =)

At home, I finished my crosswords (without looking at the answers, which didn't have anyways lol) then headed upstairs to where I am now to write this blog! Oh yeah, Carissa from work called me and asked if I could work 9-5 tomorrow, to which I said yes, yay for hours! =D

So now that it's 12:45, I should get to bed, since I now have to be up at 8. Hurray for energy drinks! I'll definitely need one by about 2 tomorrow lol...

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