Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 10

Mmmmmm, so I'm cooking up my dinner as I begin this post, and I'm super excited to show you all the picture!!! =D  I'm making steak, potatoes, and peas.  The steak is seasoned with sage, garlic powder, and Montreal steak spice (salty, I know, but it's steak! =P), the peas had a little bit of butter and cajun spice, and the potatoes have sage, parsley, and sea salt on them, and they look GORGEOUS!!!  Everything's just about ready, so I'm gonna go get my plate ready! =D

Oh my goodness, it all tastes sooooo delicious!!!!! =D  The potatoes are still a wee bit crunchy, just how I liket them! =) Question: can I eat all that steak??? Yes! Yes I can! =D

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