Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 18

Sorry I have missed the past few days for posting, I have been sick and really didn't have the energy to post anything...  I have tried to keep eating healthy though, I've had oatmeal, toast, etc...

Last night for dinner I went to my mom's though and didn't exactly stick to healthy eating... We had spaghetti and sauce, which wasn't too bad... The sauce was home-made and was packed full of veggies and ground beef, but I'm sure there was a bit of salt in it too...  And then for dessert we had my traditional Dairy Queen ice cream cake, though both of us stuck to rather thin slices, so at least it was in moderation =)

Tonight I am making home-made veggie pizza, and it's currently in the oven.  I made a whole wheat crust, home-made sauce, and put tomatoes, red orange and green peppers, red onion, minced garlic, lots of mushrooms (=D), spinach, and marble cheese.  It was pretty thick going into the oven, so I'm hoping it thins out a bit as it cooks lol!  Speaking of which, the buzzer just buzzed, so I'll return in a bit to give a review and post pictures! =)