Monday, September 13, 2010

Eating Healthier! Day 1

Today marks the first day of the rest of my life! Haha so cliche... But I love it! =D

Today is day #1 of following a meal plan that was put together for me by my friend and fellow blogger Alison. It's NOT a diet, as I have constantly been reminded, it is a lifestyle change. It's about eating wholesome foods instead of foods full of salt, sugar, and chemicals that are pretty harmful to our bodies! I've never actually thought about it before, but as I was grocery shopping yesterday, I took a look at a few labels and ingredients lists, and I was amazed at how many things are put in that I can't even pronounce! Alisha was with me, and she said, "If you can't pronounce it, don't eat it!" We were kinda laughing about it, but it got me thinking about how much processed foods I would usually eat, especially since I've been living on my own. Gross!!!

So this morning for breakfast I had half a bowl plain yogurt with a bit of 100% maple syrup and some fruit - an apple, two strawberries, and a handful of grapes, and surprisingly I was full! I remember the days when I would eat 2 bowls - yes, TWO - of breakfast cereal! Mind you, my bowls I have now are larger than the bowls I used to eat from when I was living at my mom's... And I stayed satisfied until it was time for lunch! Usually my tummy begins to gurgle about 10 - two hours after breakfast - but today by the time I had lunch I felt the hunger, but it wasn't audible haha...

And tonight I have made baked curried lentils, and OH MY GOSH it is delicious!!!!! =D I'm actually just finishing up eating as I type this, but I did remember to take a picture to show you, I'll be sure to put it at the bottom! =) I did not make any fresh bread or a salad, but I did cut up a bunch of fruits to have with it! So I guess you COULD say I had an organised fruit salad lol! So here is the recipe:

Baked Curried Lentils:
2.5 cups lentils
2.5 cups water or chicken broth
1-2 cups minced vegetables
2 tbsp. coconut oil
2 tbsp. minced garlic
1 tsp. cumin
1 and 2 tbsp. curry
2.5 cups shredded cheese

Cover 2.5 cups of lentils in water or chicken broth with the 2 tbsp. of curry and cook until all the liquid of absorbed and they're soft. Meanwhile, in a frying pan, saute minced vegetables in coconut oil. Add the minced garlic, cumin, and 1 tbsp of curry, and cook until all veggies are soft. Mix veggies in with the cooked lentils, and stir. Add 2 cups of shredded cheese to the mixture, and stir until cheese is melted through. Pour the entire mixture into a 2qt casserole dish, and sprinkle freshly ground pepper over the top, and cover with another layer of cheese. Bake in a 350F oven for 20 mins. or until warmed right through. Serve with freshly baked bread, or a salad.

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