Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 4!

Today was an interesting day! I'm finding that by eating so healthy, I'm hungry all afternoon! I'm usually okay between breakfast and lunch, but by 3pm, my tummy's rumbling! I even brought so much food today! I had a toasted honey sandwich, a baggy of grapes, a baggy of cantaloupe, yogurt, and half a small bag of baby carrots. I ate the sandwich and yogurt at like 11:30, the fruit at 1:30, and by 3 my stomach was audibly gurgling... I'll have to make sure to buy LOTS of good wholesome snacks when I go shopping this weekend!

I wanna talk about breakfast too today! Mmmmmmm my breakfast was sooooooo good this morning!!! =D I made oatmeal and then cut up some strawberries and threw them in my bowl along with a bit of maple syrup, wow! Amazingly delicious!!! I will DEFINITELY be doing that again often! =)

So, for dinner tonight I made stir-fry, using broccoli, a red onion, one and a half zucchinis, half a leek, and 5 cloves of garlic. Zucchinis, by the way, are a LOT smaller in the store than what I'm used to! My grandfather used to have zucchinis in his garden when he was alive, and they were HUGE! I remember my mom would bring one or two home, run them through the food processor, and throw them in the freezer for when she would make zucchini loaf. These zucchinis at the store are TINY compared to those ones!!!

Anyways, back to dinner. I threw them all in my frying pan with a wee bit of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil, as I will often refer to it as), some soya sauce, some worcestershire sauce, a splash of both lemon and lime juice, some cajun spice, some Indian masala spice, and some freshly ground black pepper. Flavour? Oh yeah, it was there!!! =D I also threw some chicken breasts in the oven for half an hour while I was getting the veggies chopped and cooked, I put the same 3 spices on them as I did the stir-fry. I did the chicken separately mainly because Alisha is over tonight and she's a vegetarian, but also because I was craving more baked chicken, thanks to Kim's dinner last night! =)

I know the sauces I put on aren't very healthy sauces, but they're in my fridge and need to be used up eventually... But I definitely tasted the salt from them! =\

So here's what my plate looked like after chowing down a few mouthfuls... I was so hungry I had almost forgotten to take a picture! =P

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