Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Day 1

A few months ago, I was thinking about how I'd like to travel this summer. I thought I'd like to head west and visit a few friends on the coast, and get the opportunity to see the Pacific ocean :)

So I put some ideas out there, contacted some friends on the coast, started looking at dates to travel...

Then I was chatting with Alex, and he was saying that he'd be in Winnipeg for Ai-kon in July, so I asked him if it'd be cool if I came back out with him (because by then he'd be living in Victoria). Which it was.

So, plans were put into place, dates were worked out and booked off, and transportation was booked!

July 15-21 Victoria visiting the Hickmans and Alex
July 21-24 Edmonton visiting Stewie (from camp) and Beth
July 24-27 Red Deer visiting Ian and Deanna

And so, here I am in Victoria! :D

While here, I'm staying with some friends of mine - Ruth and Peter Hickman. For the most part, I'm planning on hanging out with Alex during the day while the Hickmans are at work, and then hanging out with the Hickmans in the afternoon/evening while Alex is at work. Pretty sweet how it's all working out! :)

I am wanting to journal about my travels, and since I forgot my journal (whoops!), it's going into my blog here! So hooray, bloggety blog! :D

Yesterday, Alex and I set out to catch a 2:15pm flight to Victoria, with a layover in Vancouver. We stopped for lunch at the airport (Stella's, obvious choice lol), flew 2.5 hours to Vancouver, stopped to eat at Vera's Burgers (their meat can't be beat, apparently...), then flew 10 minutes to Victoria.

Oh. My. Word. The mountains were AMAZING!!!!!

And Victoria is really beautiful too! Honestly, I am falling in love with this city so fast. It's gonna break my heart when I leave....

So, first day in! Ruth picked us up at the airport (THANKS RUTH!!! :D), dropped Alex off at his place, then took me sight-seeing a bit.

I am so serious when I say this: Victoria has so many beautiful places!!! Dallas Road, the harbour, the Leg, the Empress, downtown! Not to mention MOUNTAINS!!! :D

In the evening, Ruth took me down to Gorge-ous Cafe to hang out with the knitting group from High Point. They meet every Tuesday evening there, and there's also a jam session happening there too, so that's pretty cool!

Then we went grocery shopping, and headed home for the night. It was a really long day, but it's soooo good to be here! :)

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