Friday, July 18, 2014

Day 4

Another long but great day today! :D

I slept in about half an hour later than what I have been getting up at, but I did stay up a little bit later last night.

I had breakfast at the house today - oatmeal with banana, raisins, and honey - delish! :) I wasn't able to get a hold of Alex right away - for some reason my phone wasn't receiving his reply texts... So I headed down to the Songhees Walkway to hunt for some geocaches on my own :) I'm pretty sure I had found one, and knew which tree it was by, unfortunately there were a whole lot of spiderwebs (complete with spiders) between me and it. So that didn't happen.

It was a great view from the walkway though! :)

I also made it right down to the water while I was on the walkway. That was cool! I was finally able to splash my feet into the ocean :D

Then Alex Facebook messaged me, so I headed up to his place, locked my bike up, and we started hunting for the cache at Government house. That one is a puzzle one, you need to be able to answer clue questions by finding plaques around the grounds. We found another giant tree...

The grounds are HUGE!!! With, of course, a spectacular view!

We maybe got through a quarter of the grounds and only found one needed bench plaque before Alex was getting pretty hungry. So we gave up on that one and headed to Bubby's (where he works) for lunch. This place reminds me a lot of Stella's. The atmosphere, the food, the many gluten-free and vegetarian options, the willingness to substitute stuff in meals... I had the blackened albacore tuna wrap with a side walnut and goat cheese salad. Aaaaamazing!!! :D

We also had dessert - I had carrot cake. It was good, but it didn't stand out for me. Then Alex had to get ready for his shift, so I headed back up to his place to grab my bike, then I did some more geocaching downtown :) I discovered a letterbox cache, which is where you find the coordinates listed, then follow directions to find the hidden cache. Really cool! I ended up down at Fisherman's Wharf again, so at least I knew where I was, and remembered a few of the landmarks listed in the directions. And I got it! :D

Before heading back to the house, I figured I might as well check for any more caches along the way, and ended up finding a virtual one (you have to email in answers to listed questions), and tried for another, but couldn't find anything. There were a few people around for this one trying to find it, with no luck. Dang you, Little Brown Post! :(

So back to the house I went. I was pretty drained, and needed to get dinner going. It was a long ride home, I had to get off the bike and walk a few times, the hills were just too much lol. But, made it back, and got dinner going. I made stir-fry with quinoa, sooo yummy! But alas, I had forgotten to take a picture, sorry :( But it was pretty tasty! :D

After dinner, I rested a bit, organised my pictures from the day, then after the kids went to bed, Ruth and I headed downtown to check out the International Buskers Festival. There wasn't too much going on yet when we got there, but we found an acrobatic duo on one of the stages, and we stayed and watched them. I was pretty impressed! Plus the guy is from Winnipeg, yay! I was most impressed with the big ring he rolled around in. I don't remember what it was called, but that was my favourite stunt.

When they were done, I was pretty tired, so we headed back to the house. It is currently 10:17pm, and tonight will probably be the earliest I've gone to bed while here lol. I'm pretty wiped though. So worth it! Tomorrow's plans include a restful morning (as restful as it can be with two young kids lol), worship team practice (Ruth invited me to sing and play guitar, cool!), a bike tour, then Butchart Gardens for the evening. Until then, adieu!

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